Run, Bothell, Run!

…and they all said “I just felt like running”

so they ran, and they ran, and they ran! As Mama said “you gotta put the past behind you before you can move on”.  After much better ball movement and back-to-back wins I think Bothell has moved on from their stagnant loss over the holidays to White River.

On Wednesday Bothell faced a rebuilding Issaquah team and after a fairly even start BHS exploded for 10 points in the last two minutes of the first quarter and lead 23-11.

They ran off steals, rebounds and even made baskets; they pressed, they pushed, and they pressed some more.

By half Bothell was up 41-22 – and then came a monstrous 30 point 3rd quarter. Bothell started the 4th quarter up 71-39.  Thru the 4th it didn’t matter if it was starters or subs, the entire team kept the energy high and was always looking to attack the basket.

Final score Bothell breaks the 80 point barrier 83-51 as Bothell moves to 9-1 (5-0 in conference).

Up next? Cross-town rival and league co-leaders Woodinville on Friday at WHS!

Game Breakdown

Bothell had 4 players in double figures. Highlights included Corosdale (27 on 71% shooting, 3-5 from 3, 12 rebounds), Jones (23 & 10 rebounds), Romulus (11), Gibson (10) & Cowan (8 assists, 4 steals). Bothell had 23 free throw attempts (15 makes) as they attacked the rim with intensity all game long and collected many fouls.

Media Coverage

You can read more about the game in the Bothell Reporter article.

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