Finishing Strong – The last big hills of a 26.2 mile race

The Long Race

You could almost compare the length of a season to a marathon, so many barriers to push through along the way, falls to overcome, and hills to climb …  and just when you reach the top of one you see the next hill there before you, blocking your run to the finish. And you can’t skip ahead, you can’t run mile 22 without first running mile 10 & 17, you can’t push too hard or your’ll burn out early and have no energy for that final push to the finish. You’ve trained physically all year, but they say 90% of finishing is in your head.

“Good physical training is important. But what goes on in your head will determine whether you’ll win or lose, whether you’ll be able to break through a psychological barrier or not – and whether you’ll hold a medal in your hands and smile with satisfaction at the end.”
-Tim Noakes

Miles 17-20

These were the first big hill of the race and the team climbed it with focus and determination. These last 4 conference games included a thrilling overtime victory against Skyline on their home court and beating cross-town rival Woodinville and Inglemoor at BHS to end up a perfect 14-0 in conference, something that hadn’t been done at Bothell in 19 years. That’s right – you have to go back to the last century to find a BHS girls team that went undefeated in conference! What a run!

Mile 21

From there the team could see the next big hill in front of them – the KingCo Playoffs, where Game 1 slotted them against Skyline, the team that pushed BHS to OT just weeks earlier. And rise to the occasion they did, marking down a W for game 21 of the season, helped by a season high 30 points by Corosdale. One mile closer.

Mile 22

Thursday night 6:30PM KingCo Championship game vs Woodinville could be the top of that second hill that stands in our way.  Last year we were able to win and move forward – will we be able to do it again in 2017? From what I saw in mile 21 – the team looks prepared, hungry and ready to achieve victory over this hill and push on.

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